Reaching Today’s Tech Savvy Market

     Today's modern world is presenting businesses, individuals, and organizations with challenging and continuously evolving ways of communicating with one another.  

Whether you're communicating through email, electronic newsletters, social media, or a simple phone call, being tech savvy has become essential.  But, moreover, how do you know your strategies are working for you, your company or your organization?

POP-9 Communications are experts at getting you out of the tech-world mud and placing you in the stratosphere by designing techniques and methods that work, while preserving your brand.

You see, it's no longer essential to just have a website.  Although it is still important to let everyone know about the services or products you offer, finding a website today is like looking for a specific grain of sand on a beach.  Your best option?  Allow POP-9 Communications' experts to design a set of strategies that will maximize your visibility, increase your bottom line, and put you, your company, or your organization at the forefront of every search engine and social media site. 

Let POP-9 Communications show you how a small investment will make you, your company, or your organization into a visible entity in a few short weeks.

POP-9 Communications offers a set of services that includes: Public Relations; Marketing Consulting;  and, Damage Control. 

List of current and past clients: 
  • Vida De Oro Foundation
  • Latino Professionals Business and Consumer Expo '17
  • Imperial Homes and Investments
  • Sac Town Nachos Festival
  • Roni Deutch, The Tax Lady, Ronideutch.com
  • Daniel Savala For School Board;
  • SacLatino Magazine;
  • The Sacramento Taco Festival;
  • The Central Valley Folk Art Festival;
  • Vida de Oro Folk Art Festival and Magazine
  • Mina’s Treasures; 
  • RMP Strategies; 
  • Taqueria Jalisco; 
  • El Michoacano;
  • The American GI Forum; 
  • National Latino Peace Officers Association; 
  • Fusion International Arts Center; and,
  • The Sacramento Heatwave (minor league basketball team.)