Reaching The Latino Market

The benefit of letting us work for you...

POP-9 Communications knows how to reach the Latino market at all levels...a voice that speaks to the English and Spanish speaking Latinos who reside and work in the U.S.  

We are unique in that we understand and work with different Latino groups and their subculture and language!  Spanish isn't always Spanish to everyone that is Latino.
Our mission is to work with clients like you in designing and implementing a marketing and outreach plan that integrates your company into the fabric of the Latino community.  We highly encourage action, activity, and involvement.  Moreover, we publish news and information (online and print) publications where readers can learn about your company.  

The Latino market is ripe for making them your clients.  to target them.  Here are some basic facts/habits among Latinos in the U.S.:
  • Every 30 seconds, a Latino turns 18;
  • Sixty five percent of Latinos are between the ages of 22 and 35;
  • Latinos spent more on telephone services, men’s and boy’s clothing, children’s clothing, footwear, food (groceries/restaurants), housing utilities and transportation;
  • Latinos spent the same on on housekeeping supplies, furniture, appliances, women’s and girl’s clothing, and personal care products and services; and,
  • Latinos spent substantially less on alcoholic beverages, health care, entertainment, reading materials, education, tobacco products, cash contributions, and personal insurance and pensions.

Other Key Facts

  • A total of 82 percent of Latinos speak Spanish while 78 percent speak English.
  • Latinos listen to radio more than the general market.
  • Latinos watch 8.3 hours of television per week.
  • Latinos spend 8.7 hours using the internet.
  • Latino business growth was 44 percent over the last 5 years.
  • Over 75 percent of Latinos use mobile internet, the largest of all groups.
Customize your plan to fit your budget.  Reaching the Latino community has never been so easy and affordable.  

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